Next-Generation PHP Low-Level Encoder

A brand-new source code encoder, delving into PHP kernel to deconstruct OP instructions, driven in conjunction with the powerful OmicronPi engine, has cast this enterprise-grade secure PHP source code protection solution

Neural Engine Processing

A machine learning-based directly interpretable engine

Utilizing the RencPse neural network model, we have developed the OmicronPi engine, which is employed in the code intermediate layer and protective virtual machine. By constructing a virtual model of the code, a comprehensive understanding and optimization of the code are achieved. This approach departs from the traditional Abstract Syntax Tree analysis and adopts novel neural network and decision tree models. The former focuses more on finding data within the model, while the latter constructs the model from data – one seeks, the other creates.

Low-Level Bytecode Compilation

Protection of code built by the interpreted virtual machine

Through the OmicronPi engine, the structural model of the code is analyzed. VM virtual machine technology is employed to bestow instructions with a unique readability only by our created virtual machine. In this process, various anti-debugging techniques, including instruction destruction, obfuscation, sorting, and branching, are applied to thoroughly transform the code. After low-level compilation, the code becomes unreadable by humans and even the machine, and finally, the constructed virtual machine is protected and encrypted. This is the true essence of low-level protection.

Complex Compatibility and Inclusiveness

Code compilation system compatible with native syntactic sugar

Creating a virtual machine using PHP often leads to the loss of native syntactic rules. We are committed to crafting the best protection solution and leave no drawbacks unattended. The PIERATE maintains compatibility with native syntax, including exception throwing, dynamic syntax, loose typing, version abandonment, etc. This consistency ensures code portability across different execution environments, eliminating the need for developers to actively adapt encryption by modifying parts of the code syntax.